God is working here!

Romans 12-15
God calls us to use our spiritual gifts to serve others, genuinely love others, be good citizens.  Freedom must be guided by love as we build each other up in faith, being sensitive and helpful to those who are weak…

Pam and I had an eventful day! Our eyes were opened!
We started the day at a Presbyterian school for Syrian refugee children.  The staff is teaching the love of God, and God is doing the rest.  God is changing these students and it’s changing their families!

We visited a Syrian refugee community of Kurdish Muslims. Wow, there are no words to describe it. The efforts of a Christian woman are bringing hope to many mothers, children, and families…



Refugee Camp

8 thoughts on “God is working here!

  1. You girls are amazing, and brave, in the way you are serving and following Christ !!! Quite certain God is smiling upon you as you learn, serve and work!! Such precious pictures! Especially the ones with beautiful children!!! You are both in my prayers each and every day!!! Much love to you both!


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