Many are saying of me, “God will not deliver him.” But you, LORD, are a shield around me, my glory, the One who lifts my head high. I call out to the LORD, and he answers me from his holy mountain. I lie down and sleep; I wake again, because the LORD sustains me. I will not fear though tens of thousands assail me on every side.

Psalm 3:2-6

Pregnant with her first child and due in four days, this beautiful Iraqi woman (in the striped shirt) fled Mosul with her husband two years ago when Daesh, the Arabic verbiage for ISIS, was coming. Being Christian, they came to Our Lady Dispensary for help. We visited this loving place today and cried with these two women as they told us their stories. This lady was a teacher in Mosul and her husband was a painter. Now, they live in a little store and can barely pay their $320/month rent, and could not afford an apartment. Iraqis are not allowed to work in Lebanon, nor send their children to school.

Our Lady Dispensary is a loving place funded by The Outreach Foundation. They help with trauma counseling, medicine, food coupons, and the love of Christ.

This other beautiful lady (in the yellow shirt) is from Syria. They ran from ISIS, as well. As a Muslim she, too, came to the Dispensary. She was mad at God for what happened to her. Every week she came to Bible study here, learned about the love of Christ and gave her life to Him. The light of Christ shines through her smile. Can you see it? She, her husband, and her mother-in-law live in a room of a high school where her husband is a security guard. They have no rights here and hope, one day, to return home.

These two women are such an inspiration to us! They are building our faith as they show us that the love of God is with us, no matter what, that God is our shield and sustained no matter how many thousands assail us.

Please pray for these two sisters in Christ and for peace.


6 thoughts on “Hope

  1. Your journey is already reaching so many people there and here. Thank you for sharing and bringing us a real picture of the people there and their dire situations. Thank you for strengthening my faith by sharing their courageous stories, your experiences, and even the verses you have printed.


  2. Pam, I can only imagine the love these ladies have felt from you!! They are truly an example of what Paul speaks of in Phil 4, that he knows the secret to being content in any and every situation! It is God that has strengthened them! Wow! Please tell them their sisters here are praying for them!
    All my love, Chrissie


  3. Seeing their smiles, reading their story thru your words, confirms, as we know all things are possible thru Christ. ❤️️


  4. Thank you for sharing these stories and the beautiful photos. The smiles are contagious and I can definitely see the love of God shining!


  5. God is faithful and these two women’s stories are powerful! I love their smiles,trusting God to continue His work in and through their lives ❤


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