The Sights & Flavors of the City

Today is a light and fun day for us to enjoy the many beautiful sights of Beirut before we travel north to Tripoli.

A few facts:
Lebanon is a small country making it easy to visit in a short amount of time.  TRAFFIC permitting you can drive from the north to south country in three-to-four hours! It has remarkable topographical diversity from Mediterranean coastlines, mountains, valleys, rivers, waterfalls….truly beautiful! Lebanon is considered the oldest country in the world (correction: Lebanon has the oldest city in the world, Babylos). Three languages are spoken prominently: Arabic, French, and English. It also has a very diverse religious makeup with approximately 50% being of a Muslim sect and 40+% Christian.
At present one in four persons is a refugee ( about 1.5 million Syrians, and 750,000 Palestinians). The refugees are usually contained to life in crowded camps, in one-room homes, and work is limited to menial jobs or no employment as to not take jobs from the locals.

Lebanon has been gracious to open its borders to house these refugees, however, it is a tremendous drain on its economy.  Many of the refugees register with the United Nations and wait years for any response.  They are people with no country, no home, no hope.  In my short time here, my observation is that it is the church, its ministries and the love of God that are providing an authentic, constant and unconditional help to these Muslim families.

We are currently staying in Beruit, the capital referred to as “where East meets West.” It’s on the coast, fast-paced, fashionable, and has a rich history.  We have visited some renowned museums and seen some historical sights.

Please enjoy the pictures below


5 thoughts on “The Sights & Flavors of the City

  1. A colorful description with a true picture of reality. Thank you for being there and letting us become aware. My prayers are with you as you journey on, bringing hope to those you meet along the way and direction for the church.


  2. DD! So interesting. (And well-written). Glad you guys are taking in a few sights. So powerful to hear that it is the church stepping up to care for people. Stay safe and well!


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