Gone But Not Forgotten

Today we participated in a historical event.  Four female pastors, two Americans, and two Lebanese stood together and served communion. Earlier this year, these two pastors received the honor of being the first females to be ordained in the Middle East.   It was emotional, lots of tears and lots of photos! The message  Reverend Najla Kassab sends home to America, “Convey our love to your churches and thank them for their prayers”.

We represented seven churches from the United States, visiting different churches throughout Lebanon.  What we learned is there is only one church, with the same ministry ….love and service!

God bless, Syria, Lebanon, and the United States of America.  God bless you and your family!

DD and Pam

DD at church with Rev. Najla Kassab (far right) and a precious church member (center).
Our translator…Arabic to English!
Famous homemade Tripoli frozen lemonade while we fellowship at the Presbyterian church in Tripoli.
Our transportation for the last two weeks…Evangelical School for Girls and Boys bus!
Pam and her new favorite Christian leader…Rev. Najla Kassab.
Stopping on the road for a snack!
Saying goodbye to these women we have grown to love!
The wonderful and kind couple, Associated Pastor of a church in Latakia, Elias, and his wife, Petra.
2:00 a.m….Wishing the women from Aleppo goodbye as they prepare for a 12-hour journey through 17 checkpoints. They must reach home before 4:00 p.m. when the army closes the highway.

4 thoughts on “Gone But Not Forgotten

  1. Prayers for safe travels for all! Prayers for eternal friendships forged to be strengthened over the miles throughout time! Prayers for the mighty power of Christ and the Holy Spirit to be renewed daily as we all share the gospel wherever God leads us🙏 Love you two and so anxious to share coffee and hear more😘


  2. Praise be to God for all of you beautiful women with hearts for the Lord and deep commitment to spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ! Thankful for each and everyone of you. Praying God’s continued blessings as you walk in this journey of faith. Love you Sisters in Christ.


  3. Pam and DD,
    Thanks for sharing! Your post have been a beautiful gift to us, and a wonderful witness of the LORD’s faithfulness. Enjoy the rest of your trip. Godspeed. And we’ll look forward to welcoming you home to Tulsa.
    Ryan M


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