The Journey Continues

This is a copy of an email recently sent from Syria. Contact Pam or DD if you’d like more information!

Dear friends of the Church in Syria:

Early this morning I received word that a mortar had, again, fallen on the Damascus Church. It was 3 pm yesterday but no one was there and the location was in a room adjacent to Rev Boutros Zaour’s office which is used as an ecclesial court (denominations each have authority for family law like divorce, child custody, etc). Some of you have even been IN this room.. I communicated with Rev Boutros and he filled in details: the mortar went through the roof but did not explode, for which they are grateful.  I have attached the photos which he sent me. I have pledged $5000 immediately towards those repairs. If you or your church are able to help (there is likely to be more needed), please designate gifts to Syria: Damascus Church Repair.. We will direct those funds accordingly; if gifts exceed the needs for this repair, they will be used in support of other ministry work in Syria via our Syria Appeal.

And please be in prayer for the congregation as they cope with this unsettling development.

With a heavy heart,


Associate Director for Partnership Development



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