Praying for Our Sisters

Smiling, happy and excited women arrived from Presbyterian churches all over Syria and Lebanon today to the women’s conference in the cool, quiet mountains of northern Lebanon.

Like women all over the world, they are happy to get away from chores at home, work, and responsibilities for a week of laughing and talking with other Christian sisters.  Unlike other women all over the world, some flew because it is too dangerous to drive across Syria due to car bombs and Raqqa, the self-proclaimed capital of ISIS. (I am sending a map of Presbyterian churches from where these ladies come). One beautiful lady, who is a stylist and mother of two boys, told me that her husband was kidnapped for two days, but is fine. Another shared that her house has been taken over by terrorists, but they are fine and together, so they will just forget about their house. Our sisters from Aleppo were the last to arrive as they had been driving for twelve hours waiting in checkpoint lines. Please pray that this week brings them rest, peace, and joy. Also, ask God how He wants us to respond to them and how to comfort them.

Psalm 28 was the theme for tonight. We all made pictures of those verses (you will see them pictured). These women love the Lord and their faith is in Him and not in their circumstances. What can I take away from that?

Praying for peace~

– Pam

Getting Ready for Lebanon!

We are traveling to Lebanon and want you to go with us!

As part of the team of The Outreach Foundation, we will be helping the National Evangelical Synod of Syria and Lebanon (NESSL) host a Christian women’s conference.  This conference will be held in the  mountains of Lebanon where 120 Syrian and Lebanese women will be attending.  In addition, we will also be visiting vital ministry partners of The Outreach Foundation, many of which assist Syrian refugees.

Join us as we meet new friends, visit new places and discover what God has planned on this adventure for His kingdom!